Tuesday, April 13, 2010


..thinkin' of wat happen the last few days..and b'coz of that..finally i realized that the world is too small..
..u couldn't expect what happen next..and when it happens,u suddenly said that is it true???
or i'm only dreaming??..
..hurm..it's all over right??..but why u still like that??..
..i dun have any feelin' ok..for me..it's all about the past..
..u dun' have to turn ur back from me..i dun know wat happen..but please settle it down quickly..it's for ur own goods too..
..please think about ur own family..(sigh)..wat ever in ur minds at that time,i can juz only pray and hope the best for u..please forget all da past..let it be a part of our memories...

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