Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Is it it’s too much with that word???for me nope..yesterday usual, I’ll drive to the office. then suddenly at one traffic light there’s one car belong to the BITCH was bumped my car…arghh damn it..she’s the one who at the wrong way but she’s the one who said stupid to me…nie da lebey!!..then I open my seat belt and thought want to go out and did something…hurm,but my sister in law said just reversed and  me:“mengalah”..huhu..i’m so x puas hati..if I could I wanted  to  slap her face too..but when I think back she’s only a bitch..So, I  don’t need to waste my time just to think about that person..but I’ll always remember your plate number be careful BITCH..

There’s something happen too..but better not to exposed it’s just between my sister in law and me who knows about the tragedy…

p/s:akak please keep it the secret ok..hehe..luv u..if not u better kill me..hehe

For me:

Don’t ever2 do like that again..don’t let the same mistakes happen..ngeee…


Today I’m so so many things to change with the links..but the worse thing is I have to do the same things too many times…arghh..It’s not my mistakes “lah”


Dating with yayunk..hehe..thanx nolee for coming and had lunch together at A&W..i miss u so happy to see u again..and that guy with his “bisnes kain”..haha..i hope we can “ronggeng” again this weekend..


mawar @};--- said...

hye.. i'm come back! hehe.

cempakasilver said...

cayunk!!..hehe..akhirnye mawar terindah kmbali berseri...