Friday, June 25, 2010

..Scandal.. i really damn bored in da office..then as usual i on my fb..then bla..bla..bla..after that i was chatting with my bez fwen since my kindergarten..hehe..then she said,actually she want asked me something..but she afraid that i might be "terasa" or something...then i said..go ahead it's ok..just asked..then she suddenly changed the topic..arghh..i'm not satisfied..lastly, dia mengalah gak..then she asked me:tol ke dulu ko ada pape ngan ........??..then me said:haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..wat???where the story came from??so weird...or weirder..wat else..aku ape ag rs nk gelak guling2 jerk..lucky i was in da office..if not i might be dying just because of laughing..haha..then she said:please tell me the said:bg pihak aku la,mmg xde pape pun, we just friends..yup, maybe we had shared something from the past but we just a closed friends...besides he already married for you my friends my answer is ...i really don't  have any  scandal with him ok...but i don't know how n why the story like that came up..but you really make my day...

..just friends..

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