Tuesday, June 8, 2010


7 june..my first time drive in KL..huaaa..so scary..but thanx to my sister in law for give me the moral support to drive..wakaka..and today i have to register as a practical student in Portal and Creative Web Unit at University Malaya..

First Day..
So boring...there's nothing much i have to do..just viewing and browsing..nagntuk tahap dewa in office..other staffs in this unit were so kind..but xtau la sok lusa cmne :P just hope for the best...

Morning drive..
everthing going smoothly..even jammed it's not so heavy...

After works..at 5.3Op.m..DamN Jammed..what???
is it true,that i have to drive in this situation..OMG??it's killing me babe..da la ujan..i wishes i have an auto car right now..so i dun't have to press the cluthed for the whole time..lenguh wey kaki..but thank God my sister and i reached at home safely..i cannot imagine how can i trough all this thing for the next 6 month coming up...huhu

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