Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FaLL again??

hurm..a tiring week..cannot wait for the weekend..because i'm so stressed being at the office..if i could i just want to be at home..ngee..can i??..yesterday it's very stressful it obvious dat i'm so stressed?..then someone asked "knape nie?........"..hurm..then i have no mood to answer ur question..but..there's something different..arghh..what's wrong with the that  tone??..can u asked me in a normal way..i mean, please don't be so caring...because i don't want to fall again...arghh...go away..leave me alone..please...i know maybe the person didn't mean it..but i really cared...

Dear Heart:
Please don't fall again..
if not u will be hurt..
Just ignored it..
And be happy..

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