Friday, June 11, 2010

it's FRIDAY!!

yeay finally today is happy because tomorrow is Saturday and it's weekend babe..Holiday!!..
so dat's mean for this whole week i was damn suffer..haha..suffer of without doin' nothing...
so today's usual wake up at early morning..and drive to lucky today,because the traffic was quiet clear..this morning I've stopped by at law's faculty cafe..and buy some "kuih" as my breakfast..then clock in at 8.02 am..hurm..yesterday Mdm. Huzi said she will start giving me the assessment today..OMG..i'm quiet nervous.. b continue............

..After Lunch..

Having "Nasi Beringin" as my lunch..thanx akak..hehe..Damn Full..Actually this morning, kak Huzi already give me the task..huhu..i have to design a web site and meet the user..OMG!!..can i??..

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